X-BUILD is a scaffolding tool for small projects. It can quickly initialize the project directory in a few seconds through terminal commands, and solve the problems of automation, performance, modularity, specification, adaptive layout, etc. in development, and help you generate better code. . It consists of two parts: a project generator based on the Node.js environment, which is an NPM package installed in the global environment, and a webpack-based development and production environment that configures various requirements.



  • Automatic creation of project directory (custom / fast)

  • Automatically install dependencies / auto-initialize Git

  • Generate profiles for more flexible options

Development / Production Environment:

  • webpack4 based development environment

  • Support for CSS preprocessors (sass, less, stylus)

  • Support for TypeScript & TSLint or Babel & ESLint

  • Provide an optional adaptive solution

  • Data interface module is automatically loaded

Suitable for the environment

  • Small projects: Short cycle, no need to use large framework development and guarantee the quality and efficiency of the project.

  • Efficient learning: Whether it is ES new syntax, TS or CSS preprocessor, avoid complex construction environment affecting learning efficiency.

Building a large project

If you have enough knowledge of X-BUILD and master webpack, you can build an environment suitable for large-scale project development, but I don't recommend it!

Discussion and exchange

Please submit the bug in the Github issues for different projects:


Call for more cases

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Preparation information:

  • [Project Name]: Link to project source code
  • [Author]: A personal Github link is included
  • [Online link]: The PC uses the link form, and the mobile terminal generates the QR code (80*80)
  • [Remarks]

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